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Association of Energy Engineers

St. Louis Chapter

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Want to get involved?

Our Board Members are responsible for planning meetings and presentation topics for the membership. If you'd like to help out, let us know via email!

Our Board (2018-2019)

President  -   Nancy Merritt

contact - president@aeestl.org

Vice President - Jeremy Welch

contact - vicepresident@aeestl.org

Treasurer - Peg Johnston

contact - treasurer@aeestl.org

Secretary - Open

contact - secretary@aeestl.org


Board Member Emeritus - John Lavallee 

‚ÄčEach month, the secretary is responsible for sending out the meeting invite and newsletter to the mailing list, updating the website to market the event, creating a event on Eventbrite to manage registrants, bringing the attendance sheet to the meeting, marking on the chapter roster who attended each meeting, maintaining the listserve, and sending to attendees the certificate and the survey.

 Board Member At Large  -  Barbara Meyer


SEEKING VOLUNTEERS for Board Members at large.  Let any current board member know if you are interested.