September 12 , 2017 Educational Seminar

Join us for a hands on meeting showing several different energy savings solutions geared toward HVAC.  We will have a truck and trailer to tour and talk energy savings for:
- UV Lamps applied to existing cooling coils will bring them back to their original design performance minimizing fan motor horsepower
- Coils properly designed can minimize fan motor and pump motor horsepower
- Humidification properly designed  can decrease power consumption while delivering more load
- Steam condensate recovery properly designed on the front and back end can save loss down the drain resulting in energy savings
- Ameren offers rebate programs for some of these and where others are not they are always interested in creating new categories

Speaker:  Keithhas been 33 years in the HVAC market serving Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois and the St. louis territories as a manufactures representative and for the last 17 years he has owned and operated HVAC Solutions, Inc. specializing in new, retrofit, and replacement Commercial and Industrial equipment design and sales.

Date:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Time:  11pm- 1pm

Location : CK Power, 1100 Research Boulevard, St. Louis, MO  63132


LUNCH Provided by CK Power (please advise any dietary restrictions). 

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Upcoming Meetings

October 10, 2017

 Educational Seminar
Topic: Lighting Updates
Join us for demos and discussion on the latest in lighting technology. 

SPEAKERS:  David Ziolkowski, Specification Sales, St Louis Lighting Group, Tom Epps, Lighting Controls Manager, St Louis Lighting Group, Brian Berninger, Lighting Business Development Manager, Graybar

Date:  Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Time:  11pm- 1pm
Location : St Louis Lighting Group, 7414 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO  63143 


LUNCH Provided by Graybar (please advise any dietary restrictions.) 

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