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Association of Energy Engineers

St. Louis Chapter

September 18, 2018, 11:30am -1 pm
TOPIC:  Current Lighting Trends
 Updated codes, new technologies, new metrics, and a wide range of emerging concerns affect everyone in the lighting industry. With lighting changes happening quickly, this overview discussion will highlight many of the issues affecting our industry.

SPEAKER:  Mark de la Fuente, PE, IALD, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Sr. Associate, MAZZETTI|WMTAO.  Mark is a lighting designer and professional engineer with a BS ARCE from the University of Kansas. His 18+ years of experience include interior and exterior lighting analysis and design for both function and aesthetics, daylighting analysis, LEED lighting design, as well as power systems design, emergency power systems, auxiliary life safety systems, and construction administration.  He has designed for a variety of building types including airport, educational, medical, commercial, and cultural facilities.

WHERE:  Johnson Controls, 2280 Ball Drive, St Louis